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"The way our defense was playing, as long as we didn't Cheap Jerseys Store have a disaster and we made plays when they were there, we were going to win this game," Rivers said.
ROAD WIN: The Chargers hadn't won a playoff game on the road in an open-air stadium since the Discount NFL Jerseys 1994 season, when they won the AFC title in Pittsburgh, 17-13. They got a bit of a break on the weather 鈥?in the 40s with rain in the second half, but not too bad. Certainly not like the time they came China Jerseys to Cincinnati for a playoff game 鈥?the "Freezer Bowl" with a minus-59 wind chill on Jan. 10, NFL Jerseys From China 1982. The Bengals won that one Cheap NFL Jerseys China 27-7.
作者: GyyftG12    時間: 2018-10-5 14:42     標題: Wholesale Jerseys Store

"He's not going to show it, but the human side of things, you got a guy 鈥?Josh McCown 鈥?playing lights out, probably playing better than any quarterback in Cheap China Jerseys the National Football League," Marshall said. "That's what I love about Jay, Cheap Jerseys From China man. Doesn't matter the situation, he's going to be the same guy. That's what Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping I Jerseys NFL Cheap respect about him as a player, as a captain, but also as a friend."
Chicago's Zackary Bowman returned an interception 43 yards for a TD to China Jerseys give the Bears a 17-10 lead in the third quarter.

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