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作者: yueyrt1nuE    時間: 2018-2-17 13:35     標題: Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Anne Rose

The family of Mackenzie High School CAPE student,Cheap NFL jerseys China, Denilson Rose, is crying for justice. They say that the driver of the car that hit and killed Rose and drove away is walking around free.DEAD Denilson RoseRose was hit and dragged along the Washer Pond Road on October 24, last, between 03:00 hours and 04:00 hours,Jerseys NFL Cheap, before the driver came to a halt and reversed to unhook him from the car.According to the Commander of ‘E’ Division,Air Max 90 Black And White Leather, Assistant Superintendent Brutus,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, the suspect was released from custody after 72 hours in custody. He is a serving member of the Guyana Police Force and has returned to work. Brutus said that the file has been forwarded to the DPP for advice.The autopsy which was performed by the Government Pathologist,Cheap Jerseys 2018, confirmed that Rose died of injuries sustained from the hit by the car. According to the Pathologist,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Rose was hit from the back and died on impact from the fall. He was dragged causing the injuries on his body.Residents of Linden and the relatives of the deceased, are peeved that the suspect has not been charged as yet. They say that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, failed to stop and render assistance and driving above the speed limit.The dead youth’s mother, Anne Rose, a serving member of the Guyana Police Force is crying for justice. She said, “My son was only 17 and he get a cruel death.” She noted that she is in constant contact with the Commander and she is waiting for a favourable response from the DPP.”According to one girl who was in the car at the time of the accident, she saw someone lying on the road with one hand on the forehead and she shouted to the driver, but the music was playing very loud. She noted that when the car came to a halt she got out of the car and ran but subsequently got back into the car and went home.The students of Mackenzie High School are peeved that justice has not prevailed as yet. They intend to protest until their friend’s killer is charged.“We intend to take to the streets. The other day when duh man knock down de 17-year-old boy in Sheriff Street, he get charge and wha happen now?”Residents noted that the suspect is seen at popular night spots drinking and driving and on television promoting a party. One resident who asked not to be named said “How he could be drinking again and driving and he kill a young boy? He should be jailed. And he deh pon tv promoting party. De police shoulda tek way he licence.”Denilson Rose was a footballer and the last goal scored for his school in the Digicel Secondary School competition 2015 was scored by him. At the recent Prize Giving Exercise at Mackenzie High School, he was awarded posthumously for his academic performance.The school will be replacing the Best Business Student henceforth with the “Rose Award” in honour of him.

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