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The opposition coalition,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, A Partnership for a National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) has revealed plans to increase Old Age Pensions and the salaries of public servants should it be elected to govern Guyana.APNU+AFC PM Candidate, Moses NagamootooAddressing what he described as the largest multi-ethnic gathering he had ever seen in the 54 years of his political life, the coalition’s Prime Ministerial candidate,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Moses Nagamootoo, on Sunday, also promised to alleviate the burden of the Berbice Bridge tolls.This was at the party’s Whim, Corentyne Unity Rally where thousands poured in from near and far to show support for the coalition which hopes to form the next unity government,Cheap NFL Jerseys, after the upcoming May 11, General Elections.Standing on a stage that was erected in front of AFC Executive Member,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya’s home in Whim, Nagamootoo told the crowd that after a “thorough investigation” of the Berbice Bridge Company is conducted the tolls would be reduced.The Berbice Bridge toll has been a source of complaint by many Berbicians who use the facility on a daily basis.Nagamootoo told several thousands at his home-village of Whim, Corentyne, that within the first 100 days of being elected in office old age pensions would be increased to GUY$15,000 per month.He said there would also be a 10 percent hike in salaries for Government employees.The Prime Ministerial candidate was adamant that the ruling Party, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has mismanaged the country and fostered racial hostility but he says its national unity government will deliver a better life for all Guyanese.Party supporters at the APNU+AFC rally at Whim on SundayHe spoke of the billions of dollars spent on controversial projects while the rest of the country suffers.“And so the story goes…spending twelve billion dollars of your money on a casino and a hotel when pensioners are told that they cannot have more than $12,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,500 per month; when workers are told that they must be content with five percent wage increases; when single mothers cannot afford to send their children to school, because they don’t have money for transportation and it is alright for the fake president to tell you that Minister Ashni Singh did not steal $4.5 billion of your tax dollars.”“This is corruption…and I ask you, Berbice, that you too must have courage to walk from this evil,” Nagamootoo told the party supporters.The Prime Ministerial candidate announced that there would be a Code of Conduct for persons in public life to guard against graft and other forms of corruption.“We would like to see all our government officials abide by a Code of Conduct so that they do not steal the taxpayers’ money, so they do not take bribes under the table and most importantly, they do not walk around like the big bad wolf with new, brighter teeth so that they can smile at your misery with your money,” he said to the roaring crowd.“We will put a stop to the extravagance…This elections is about bringing into office a real government that will work for you,” he said.According to the Prime Ministerial candidate, President Donald Ramotar has wasted three years in office. He told the Whim rally that he is “back home with clean hands and a clear conscience.”“Tonight we are parting the PPP/C with unity…tonight this is homecoming. Tonight you will see the true colour of Guyana team and we are bowling for Guyana, we are batting for Guyana, we are running for Guyana because we are Guyanese,Cheap Jerseys,” Nagamootoo said.Nagamootoo said, too, that the coalition intends to call Local Government Elections.The APNU+AFC comprises six parties.

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