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By Shyon Hoppie Family members are questioning the circumstances surrounding the death of Festus Thomas,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a 53-year-old school teacher from Karasabai Village. Thomas died at the Lethem hospital on Sunday.The family said that his death came just two days after he was sent home by nurses of the hospital even though they initially admitted him to the hospital.Thomas went to Lethem Hospital one week ago complaining of belly pain. He was admitted to the hospital but was sent home after a nurse enquired if he had any relatives in the area of Lethem.The man was given pain killers and consequently released into the care of his sister without any form of explanation about his condition. The man was told to return last Monday to see the doctor.However on Sunday,wholesale jerseys, he felt more abdominal pains and was taken back to the hospital. He subsequently passed out,Wholesale Jerseys China, defecated himself and vomited blood-tainted fluids.Within two hours he was dead while receiving oxygen at the medical institution. No explanation was ever given to relatives and the medical documents were taken away by the nurses and never returned to the relatives.A family member said that they believe it was the negligence of the hospital personnel that caused the man’s death. The doctors and nurses were arguing as to why the man was discharged.Thomas was subsequently buried without a post mortem examination even though the family said they were suspicious about the death of their loved one and wanted to know how he died.The staff at the Lethem hospital said that the only person that can give the viable information on the death of Thomas was Dr. Joseph Tories.The relatives of Thomas are now pleading with the relevant authorities to take the matter seriously and give them some sort of satisfaction surrounding the death of their loved one.

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