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England (Westendextra)-A psychiatric nurse on Thursday confessed to killing his girlfriend who died from multiple injuries after she plunged in flames from the 17th floor of her home in Finsbury Park.The accused, Aiah Tondoneh, 43, described as an insanely jealous drunk,Wholesale Jerseys, was due to be sentenced yesterday after admitting to the murder of treasured staff nurse Donna Drepaul, 50, at the Old Bailey.She was found barely alive at the bottom of the block of flats in which she lived in Clifton Court,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, on Biggerstaff Street, in July last year. Drepaul died two days later in hospital.Softly spoken Tondoneh, of Shoot Up Hill in Cricklewood,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, appeared in court only briefly before Justice Saunders for the killing on the July 4 last year. No facts surrounding the terrible death of Drepaul, who worked at University College Hospital in Euston, were outlined by the prosecution; but they are soon to do so.Drepaul leaves a son, Sherman,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, 29, who is expected to be at court with other relatives when his ­mother’s killer is sentenced.She was attacked and set on fire with petrol on the 17th floor of her home block and ­desperately tried to get help by banging on the doors of neighbours but they were too scared to answer at 4am and ­seconds later she plunged to the ground.Although he admitted the full offence of murder,China Jerseys Wholesale, Tondoneh claims that he did not have the intent to kill. That issue will be decided later.Michelle Nelson, prosecuting,Cheap Jeseys NFL, told the court: “We say that he did have the intention to kill her.”

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